Maurice Roussety is an executive consultant in demand by many leading organisations. His is constantly in search of new knowledge to bolster his existing capabilities. He engages in industry and academic research at every opportunity to maintain intellectual currency in key areas of organisational change, entrepreneurship, growth strategies, franchising and finance.

Conceptual papers

    Conference Paper Publication.

  • M. Roussety, L. Frazer, and E. Douglas (2014). Goodwill in franchising- a precursory examination. This conference paper delves into the issues of the Franchising Code of Conduct, namely, when a franchisee chooses to exit the franchise arrangement and is not fairly compensated for their contribution to the goodwill aspect of the franchise. This particular issue gives rise to two main problems including the entitlements of franchisees at end of term and the entitlements of franchisees that voluntarily or forcefully discontinue the franchise before the end of term.
  • Journal submissions.
  • M. Roussety (2015) How to value goodwill in franchisee operated businesses- A synthesis of agency and finance theories.
  • M. Roussety (2014) The role of governance structures in valuing franchise businesses- A synthesis of agency theory.
  • M. Roussety (2015) Evaluating governance structures in franchise businesses- Best practice or common practice.
  • M Roussety (2015) Risk ecology in franchise businesses- 5 risks: 5 betas.
  • M. Roussety (2015) Why the franchisor must hold the reigns to the brand.
  • M. Roussety, L. Frazer, and E. Douglas (2016) Investigating the goodwill issue in franchising: an exploratory analysis

Manuscripts in progress- Research and writings

Kick-Start your Start-Up – A Little book for big ideas. This book was produced to guide entrepreneurs during the process of launching a new enterprise, regardless of the type or size, tech start-up, small business or a smaller initiative within a larger corporation.

Extracting and measuring value in entrepreneurial franchising. This book intends to be a unique resource that blends the entrepreneurship, franchising and the value measurement phenomenon at a theoretical and practical level. It will be a first and best in breed, offering its readers a contemporary exposition of the challenges relating to tomorrow’s multi-point service delivery models. Whilst it will address the theoretical backdrop of entrepreneurship, franchising and valuation, it will offer practical and case-based solutions and tools to transform theory into practice.